Utilizing an end-to-end research strategy

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science’s (CSMLS) collaboration with Research Canada supports our obligation to strengthen and unify research efforts within the medical laboratory profession, ensuring that we continue to be responsive to the health needs of all Canadians as well as the skilled workforce (current and future) that helps to propel the healthcare system forward. CSMLS drives research for the betterment of patients across time, utilizing an end-to-end research strategy – academics, workforce, healthcare system bridging approach.

As a profession that is not always visible to the patients it serves, it is important for us to highlight our capacity to step out from behind the bench to produce and collaborate on innovative research. Medical laboratory professionals provide an extraordinary amount of information that contributes to diagnosis, decisions about care plans and treatment, and discussions with patients on their quality of life. The complimentary insight of Medical Laboratory Technologists and Medical Laboratory Assistants/Technicians as drivers of information to other health professions such as doctors and nurses, provides a unique perspective to traditional academic, health service and clinical research. Ensuring that our profession is recognized for this ability and participating in advocacy opportunities to support dedicated allied health funding is imperative to creating a sustainable research model that supports the current shift towards greater interdisciplinary research participation.

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science’s (CSMLS)