Fostering the development of research and scholarship

York University has an established tradition of excellence in health research and encompasses a diverse range of approaches and disciplines. From the biomedical to social determinants of health, from health data mining and disease modelling, from global health and health policy to the biological causes of cancer and neurological disorders, to childhood bullying behaviours and obesity. York’s interdisciplinary approach to health research is having wide IMPACTS on the overall health and wellbeing of our children, families and communities across Canada and beyond.

York’s health research extends from the laboratory to the bedside to the community. Our cognitive neuroscience researchers are ADVANCING our understanding of the brain: how it works on Earth and in space, both normally and for those with neurological disorders, improving rehabilitation for stroke patients and patients with head injuries. Our researchers are offering new routes of investigation and insight into the genetic, molecular and cellular neurobiology and environmental effects on brain development in children with autism. Interdisciplinary teams are exploring new directions in health policy and community action, healthcare diagnosis, intervention and services, and are also generating new insights into diabetes and its prevention through physical activity and diet. York’s biologists and chemists are advancing discoveries in cancer research, enhancing quality of life for cancer patients, and improving women’s health through effective early diagnostic screening tools.

Our researchers frequently work across disciplinary lines, exploring complex issues from many angles, and CONNECTING to partners outside of academia in public organizations – local and regional hospitals and government ministries; to private sector industries – start-up companies and industry leaders; and not-for-profit agencies. Our knowledge is mobilized in our communities locally and as far away as China, South America and Africa, sharing with each the mutual goal of helping people live healthier lives and co-creating rejuvenated health systems.

As York expands research programs that focus on health and health OUTCOMES, we will continue to contribute to the development of cutting-edge health research, educating and preparing tomorrow’s health leaders, and fostering the development of research and scholarship that promotes human health both in Canada and globally.

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