Experts say Canada needs to do more on innovation after country gets a ‘C’ on innovation report card

University of Calgary professor Richard Hawkins, a fellow at the school’s Centre for Innovation Studies, said

governments should focus on doing what the private sector won’t do, whether that’s building networks or funding early-stage research.

Why Canada has a leg up in the new world of pharmaceuticals

Two major trends are causing seismic changes in the global landscape in medical innovation, and Canada is well positioned to benefit from these tectonic shifts. These changes could lead to improvements in health care for Canadians, as well as high-quality job creation.

Mennonites, Medicine and the Body: Health, Illness and Medical Research

The Mennonites, Medicine and the Body: Health, Illness and Medical Research in the Past and Present conference traces a dramatic change in medical practice among Mennonites over the centuries.

Healthcare R & D and Medical Innovation forum to generate important conversation between R&D, academia, industry and government

VANCOUVER, Oct. 9, 2015 /CNW/ - A compelling and critical conversation will unfold over a two day period in Vancouver on October 14 – 15, 2015. LifeSciences BC's ACCESS TO INNOVATION is a conversation that will include thought leaders from health research & innovation, academia, industry and government as well as key individuals in the life science sector from across the country.

Scientist urges straight talk on research ahead of federal vote

Katie Gibbs has been in full campaign mode in recent weeks with a calendar full of public and media appearances

Make health a national issue again

More than half way through the longest federal election campaign in modern history and hardly a word about one of the biggest issues on Canadians' minds. What is the future of Canada's public health-care system?

Mulcair announces $1.8B health-care plan for seniors

Mulcair began his campaign week in Vancouver Sunday, promising $1.8 billion over four years to bolster care for seniors.

Election Campaign Focus Likely To Turn To Economy As Leaders Face 2014 Year-End Figures

OTTAWA — Questions about who is best to manage Canada's economy are set to come to the forefront of the federal election campaign this week, with a key report on the country's books being released and a leaders' debate centred on the topic scheduled for Thursday.