The Canadian Network for Environmental Scanning in Health (CNESH) is a pan-canadian collaborative network of organizations and individuals that conducts HTA or are involved in horizon scanning for new and emerging health technologies. The network was established in 2011 with support received until May 2015 from the Canadian Agency Drugs and Technologies in Helath (CADTH). It is formed of 10 members and 1 observer. The mandate of CNESH is 1) to identify and share across Canada information on new, emerging, or new applications of health technologies and 2) to develop and promote methods for the identification, filtration and prioritization of new and emerging health technologies. In order to fulfill its mission the network is producing on an annual basis the Top 10 New and Emerging Health Technology Watch List. Currently, 2014 and 2015 lists that present game changing technologies have been launched at the CADTH symposiums. For more information please visit the website at :